Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Spotlight on New Gold International Diamond Dr. Sani Ashari & Norazizah Ruslan

Congratulations to new Gold International Diamonds Dr. Sani Ashari and Norazizah Ruslan from Malaysia! With his medical background, Dr. Sani has found tremendous value in 4Life products. We think that's wonderful! We are very proud of all that they have accomplished.

I was introduced to 4Life by Gold International Diamonds Fadzli Salim and Siti Zuraidah. Being involved with network marketing enables me to serve the community and enjoy the benefits of residual income. 4Life has changed our lives entirely. We are able to work from home. We have plenty of time for our children, and we now have time as a couple to serve in the community and socialize with our friends.

As a medical doctor, I share the 4Life financial opportunity and the opportunity for health support that 4Life Transfer Factor® offers every individual. With products that cover a large range, we can offer people great support for overall health. In our 4Life business, we work to build a team of members who are health support facilitators and business builders.

Network marketing is about helping others become successful. To achieve a new rank, you must make sure your key leaders have the available knowledge in order for them to prosper. As a leader, you have the responsibility to support your downline team members. Accountability and trust are also important factors. Being a leader means you help the distributors in your organization work toward achieving their dreams.

The foundation for my business is sharing 4Life product knowledge and educating others about health issues. I truly believe that people need to love 4Life products in order to build strong businesses.

Gold International Diamonds Dr. Sani Ashari and Norazizah Ruslan