Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Spotlight on New Gold International Diamonds Ahmad Kurina Wibawa & Ratu Kotrunnada

Congratulations to new Gold International Diamonds Ahmad Kurina Wibawa and Ratu Kotrunnada from Indonesia! This amazing couple has built their business with positive attitudes, and now they're reaping the benefits of their hard work. Great job!

Before joining 4Life®, my husband and I were involved with another network marketing company for almost three years. We built our business part-time but saw no significant changes in our income. We signed up with 4Life because we were impressed with the quality and exclusivity of 4Life Transfer Factor® products. We began our 4Life journey with a positive attitude, and our business grew rapidly.

Because of 4Life, we enjoy the ultimate success in life. We have financial freedom, and we have the time freedom to build our business anywhere and anytime. We can purchase any property assets we choose. We can travel with our kids anytime we want, without worrying about being fired by our bosses.

It was incredible to stand on stage as new Gold International Diamonds during Convention 2015: Bring Dreams Home. If you want to achieve the Gold International Diamond rank, cooperate with your downline team members and upline leaders. Build your business with sincerity. Don't be afraid of change. Ask your entire family for support as you pursue your dreams.

I believe that learning from upline leaders is the best way to maintain and sharpen your skills. Attend business training meetings as often as you can to absorb new things and learn from others. Think of yourself as an empty glass that is ready to be filled with new information.

Gold International Diamonds Ahmad Kurina Wibawa & Ratu Kotrunnada