Wednesday, June 23, 2010

In Memoriam: International Diamond Carmou Molarski

Carmou Molarski

We were saddened to hear about the recent passing of 4Life International Diamond Carmou Molarski of Texas. Our hearts go out to her family, friends, and 4Life group at this time.

Carmou Molarski was born on July 17, 1951, in Durango, Mexico. When she was a teenager, Carmou's parents moved their family to Texas to give their children the opportunity to learn English. Carmou met and married the love of her life, Luther Molarski, in El Paso. They farmed together, owned and operated an archery store, and eventually started a plumbing business. Carmou's friends said when she needed plumbing done at her home, she often did it herself! Carmou also graduated from beauty college and eventually opened her own shop near her home. Carmou was a worker!

Carmou joined 4Life as a distributor nearly ten years ago. As in everything she ever decided to do, Carmou worked hard, built her business faithfully, and eventually achieved the International Diamond rank. She was deeply loved and respected by all who knew her.

We loved reading these touching words about Carmou from her fellow 4Life distributors. 4Life distributor Jacque Cook from Texas said, "Carmou was the most beautiful, caring, and loving best friend. I loved her dearly. She was always thinking of everyone she cared about and was always there if you needed her. We have had a great ride together. We worked together, played together, and traveled together, even going to several 4Life conventions. We have always been there for each other through thick and thin, good times and bad times. I'm going to miss her terribly. She was the closest friend I ever had."

International Diamond Bonnie Hornsby from South Carolina expressed similar sentiments about her good friend Carmou. She said, "When I look back on the years I knew her, I think of what a beautiful lady she was both inside and out. She fought for what she believed in and would not give up. I admired her so very much. She was my business partner and my confidant, but mostly my friend. Her life was not easy but she always had a smile on her face when I was with her. I know she's in a better place now and so happy to be with Luther again. My life has been blessed to have had Carmou in it. I can't believe she is gone."

Our very own Vice President of Field Development Mark Petersen also had some wonderful things to say about Carmou. "Carmou was amazing to watch and be around. She had amazing strength cloaked in never-ending kindness. For years she has set the standard of bridging the gap between English and Spanish-speaking distributors in West Texas and Northeast Mexico. We will all miss her!"