Wednesday, June 16, 2010

New Gold International Diamonds: Rasid Kamisan and Hasrunita

We are so excited to welcome Rasid Kamisan and Hasrunita of Malaysia to our Gold International Diamond group. Rasid and Hasrunita are great leaders who care deeply for their downline distributors. This couple travels extensively to assist their leaders, and they are well-respected by all who know them. Rasid and Hasrunita have a vision for their group and they work with each leader to achieve it.

I strongly believe in the power that network marketing has to help people create success for themselves. I feel there is no other platform out there that can provide such an extraordinary opportunity for people to live better lives. Before 4Life, I knew that network marketing was the answer for me and my family, but I hadn't found the right company yet.

Then, my wife and I were introduced to 4Life through my brother, Mr. Arshad Kamisan. 4Life is the right company to help you achieve all the happiness and freedom that you ever wanted. This company can help you realize ultimate health, time freedom, and financial freedom, and have the chance to contribute to charity. I love making a difference in people's lives through 4Life and 4Life Transfer Factor®.

I feel proud that my success has helped contribute to Sadik Din becoming the first Platinum International Diamond in Southeast Asia. I'm grateful to help make history for our region and I know this will motivate my business partners to have increased confidence and faith in 4Life.

The bonus payments and rewards that I receive from 4Life have enabled me to settle all my personal loans and credit card debt. Now, I can save for both my future and my family. I have achieved financial and time freedom. Soon, I will own my dream house and my dream car. After only five years with 4Life, my life and my business partners' lives have changed.

With the amazing support of 4Life Transfer Factor and unbelievable LP payouts, individuals have all the opportunities they need to change their lives. You will be the one to determine your success or failure.