Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Spotlight on Gold International Diamond Ramos Sahala Sihombing

Congratulations to new Gold International Diamond Ramos Sahala Sihombing from Indonesia! It's exciting to see how much he has been able to accomplish in his own life and in the lives of others. Thank you for your commitment and passion for 4Life, Ramos!

Before I learned about 4Life, I worked as a real estate broker. I made good money but I never had free time to enjoy the success I had achieved. I learned about 4Life at a family party in 2007 from my cousin Chrisman Sihombing. He gave me a short flyer that had great information about the company. I had been interested in network marketing for a long time, but I hadn't found the right company yet. In 4Life, I found the right company, training system, and products.

After I witnessed one of my relatives enjoy great health support with 4Life Transfer Factor®, I realized I could accomplish great things by building a successful 4Life business. Our entire family takes 4Life Transfer Factor® Tri-Factor® Formula. My 78-year-old mother has been consuming 4Life products for four years and she feels great. She even travels with the family.

Because of building a 4Life business, I have experienced tremendous changes in a short amount of time. I drive a nice car, live in a nice area, and vacation wherever I want. But the most extraordinary change is that I can help others now. I help peole have time freedom and the possibility for unlimited income. I'm also able to help children in orphanages get a good education.

I am grateful to God for 4Life and my team. I dedicate this achievement to them as well. It was inspiring to see the success of many other distributors at our recent convention. It gave me energy to encourage my team to be part of the next international convention in Miami, Florida.

When I tell someone about 4Life, I share the way in which it has transformed my life and the lives of my team members. I talk about how the 4Life financial opportunity can change their lives as well. Honesty, sincerity, discipline, and clear goals are important ingredients for building a successful 4Life business. A leader works to be a role model for his team members and encourages them to achieve their dreams.

Ramos Sahala Sihombing