Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Spotlight on Gold International Diamonds Javier Santana and Menchy Oquendo

Congratulations to new Gold International Diamonds Javier Santana and Menchy Oquendo from Puerto Rico! They recognize that the 4Life product and financial opportunity offer something for everyone. We appreciate everything you do, Javier and Menchy!

I first learned about the 4Life opportunity in 2000 from Platinum International Diamond Juan Rosado after I had graduated from college as a physical education teacher. Four years later, I decided to build a business. Because of that decision, my family's life has been transformed. We now live in a nicer house, drive luxury cars, provide a better education for our kids, enjoy more frequent vacations, and travel around the world.

I'm grateful to be a Gold International Diamond. I had to overcome a lot of challenges in the process, but it feels so good to reach this goal. I'm even more motivated now to achieve the Platinum International Diamond rank, because that has been my goal ever since I joined 4Life.

I love sharing the 4Life message with everyone I met, especially in the present climate of job insecurities. 4Life is a way for people to develop an income source without limits, while experiencing health support through the tremendous products.

I encourage new distributors to sign up for this opportunity convinced by a desire to succeed, not just to try it out. Surround yourself with people who are really committed, and do something each day to grow your business.

Javier Santana and Menchy Oquendo