Thursday, June 7, 2012

Spotlight on Gold International Diamonds José Luis and María Martínez

Congratulations to new Gold International Diamonds José Luis and María Martínez from the Dominican Republic! They have led their team by example and helped many people achieve their dreams. Well done, José and María!

I first learned about the 4Life opportunity when I was attending college. At the time, we were struggling to keep up with student loans and spend enough time together as a family. Because of 4Life, our lives have been transformed in the most spectacular way. Before 4Life, we had no time or money, we lived in a tiny room, and we used student loans to pay for college. Now, we enjoy quality time together as a family. We have had the opportunity to care for each of our four children, build our parents a house, and ultimately fulfill our dreams.

If you want to reach a higher rank, focus on loving, serving, and supporting your people. Connect your mind with your heart. Have a clear idea of your dreams and the reasons why you're building a business. A true leader walks in front of his group with a torch, serving as an inspiration and role model for his team.

I feel so fulfilled that we have achieved the Gold International Diamond level. I am happy to know that we can dream bigger, transform more lives, and inspire others to fulfill their dreams. The best thing is witnessing other people's lives being transformed in front of their eyes. With 4Life, the only way to reach the summit and stay there is to provide others with genuine service.

José Luis and María Martínez