Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Spotlight on Gold International Diamonds Ridwan Sadik & Nur Atiqah Suhaimi

Congratulations to new Gold International Diamonds Ridwan Sadik and Nur Atiqah Suhaimi from Singapore! We love that their attendance at a 4Life® convention helped them set in motion their plan to achieve success. Well done!

Before 4Life, I had various jobs, but they were never enough to pay for the high costs of living in Singapore. I also wanted to travel outside of my country. After seeing the success of my parents, Platinum International Diamonds Sadik Din and Hasnimah, my aunt, Platinum International Diamond Sheri Din, and my uncle, Gold International Diamond Akram Din, I decided to actively build a 4Life business.

I attended Convention 2012: Passport to Freedom—my first international convention—as a Presidential Diamond. I was blown away as I witnessed the sincerity of Founders David and Bianca Lisonbee and the rest of the executive team. After hearing success stories from all over the world, I went home feeling more determined than ever to accomplish my goals. When I went to Convention 2015: Bring Dreams Home, I was a brand-new Gold International Diamond!

I travel all over the world as I build my business. I get to be with my family because they're building 4Life businesses as well. The best part is the immense satisfaction I feel when I support charities and help others succeed. And I love watching my leaders achieve the same success I have accomplished. I would be very happy if they achieved an ever greater level of success!

I believe that a leader coaches others without pushing. He instills enthusiasm—not fear—in his team members. A leader shows others how to accomplish tasks, helps them grow and develop, and gives credit to others instead of taking it for himself. Nothing beats personally meeting with team members and showing them how it's done!

Gold International Diamonds Ridwan Sadik & Nur Atiqah Suhaimi